That was a bit of a weekend

1. The visit from my family was lovely. I like them, they are good people, and it’s nice to get a chance to see them all together.

2. K is learning how to work around her broken finger. It’s on her dominant hand, and she is fairly strongly -handed, so it’s a bit rough for her. But she’s learning. J and I are still working out how things like school and chores are going to go.

3. Work is work-like. The weather is improving, so more and more general aviation pilots are flying. In addition, the photo mission flights have begun. (Aerial surveillance planes, taking surveys.) These flights need to fly very slowly, at fixed altitudes, and can’t be moved. So everyone has to move around them. It’s a bit of a thing.

4. I’m watching the tv series Orphan Black. It didn’t grab me right away, but as of episode four I am invested. Tatiana Maslany is playing at least four characters, women who are clones in a secret project of some sort. There are conspiracies and spies and secrets and all sorts of crazy, and it passes the Bechdel Test constantly, and it has queers and people of color in supporting roles. Also, the show features adoption and fostering in a rightly-complicated light.

Side note, Tatiana Maslany played Ghost in Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed, which is one of my favorite movies.

5. Ten days until I leave for Wiscon.


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