I renamed this post Burying the Lede

I’m sure something interesting happened yesterday, but I can’t recall it.

1. The baby gerbils are all still alive. The white one is still horribly sick and may yet die.

2. I started rewatching Once Upon a Time from the beginning, because I am a crazy person when it comes to Regina Mills. I recognize that. Please, DO NOT ask me about the show unless you want to be talking to a deranged, profane, fanatic.

3. The weather was cold all weekend, and now it’s hot.

4. Due to scheduling shenanigans I haven’t worked out properly in weeks, and it is making me grumpy.

5. Oh! RIGHT.

The Minnesota Legislature passed marriage equality yesterday. It goes into effect August 1st. I already asked my union rep whether this means my federal benefits could go to J if we got married. He said he’d find out.

I suppose that’s burying the lede a bit, there …


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