Fast and Furious 6

My spoilery thoughts on Fast and Furious 6:

1. This is the most poly-coded movie franchise EVER. Dom’s girlfriend tells him to go rescue his ex. He invites gf to live with him and ex when they get their family back. Everyone talks about loyalty and love and being there for each other ALL THE TIME — and they ALSO talk about balancing the needs of one relationship against the needs of another.

2. Dwayne Johnson is more or less what a Jim Lee character would look like in real life.

3. Vin Diesel’s voice does things that I will never explicate in public.

4. I fear that all of the actresses in this franchise are a lot thinner than they were in previous films. I fear this because I find I cannot believe it to be a freely made choice on their parts, knowing what I do about Hollywood.

However, I also note that the GUYS in the franchise have no body-fat whatsoever. I have seen candids of these guys, and they do not always look like this. I can only imagine the rapid fat- and water-loss programs they must have gone through prior to and during filming. So, basically, the franchise is shitty for EVERYONE’S bodies.

5. I saw the trailer for Riddick and OH MY GOD it did things. I am seeing that film. Yes. I am.

6. The credits scene made me glee.

— In short, I loved the movie. So did my son. All is well in the world.


One Response

  1. Okay now I’m officially intrigued.

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