Misogynist fuckwittery


That, my friends, is the cover of Joanna Russ’s How to Supress Women’s Writing. That cover gives you an idea of the gist — that there are a thousand excuses as to why and how anything done by a woman simply doesn’t count.

In the past couple of weeks or so issue 202 of the SFWA Bulletin, the newsletter of the Science Fiction Writers of America, published a column by Mike Resnick and Barry Malzburg which accused the women who objected to their sexism in a previous issue of the Bulletin of being anonymous, censoring, hateful feminists. I can’t give you links to the column, since it was print-only. But Jim C. Hines has a fantastic round-up of links and comments, here.

On Monday writer Kelly Sue DeConnick posted this to her Tumblr. The gist is that people on Tom Brevoort’s Tumblr are describing her career as unearned due to her marital relationship with writer Matt Fraction. Kelly Sue says:

“Okay, deep breath.

Bendis is going to tell me that I shouldn’t acknowledge this, that I’m feeling trolls, but here’s the pickle: people deny that this happens. We’re told that the insults to our dignity working women face are in our imagination, that it’s a thing of sexy Mad Men past. It’s WOMEN who make this a thing, right? (Hysterical, don’t you know.) We’re to the point where I meet young women who won’t identify as feminists because the struggle is over and it’s only a thing if you make it one.


It’s not a natural assumption to leap to the conclusion that I got my job because of my marriage. It’s the product of deeply-ingrained sexist thinking. I can name for you a half a dozen men who did, in fact, get their first big two gigs because of who they knew and their dignity and their qualifications have never been called into question. I’m lucky if I go a week.”

A study done at Princeton in 2009 strongly suggests that men literally, biochemically, view women as objects to be used at whim.

No wonder Kelly Sue couldn’t have a career without Matt — objects don’t get to write.

No wonder Resnick and Malzburg are shocked that their japery met with objection — objects don’t protest at the use of them.

In the past month I have been informed of sexual misconduct against some of my friends. Misconducts, plural, ranging in type and manner. More than one friend. More than one misconduct by more than one guy.

Dear misogynist sacks of carbon — I grant unto you everything you deserve. Exactly, to the full measure, what you have earned.


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