Some things are worth it

This is NOT a post about feminism, or about poor behavior on the part of some members of SFWA, or about misogyny in gaming or comics. This is a post about my awesome kid.

I took M to my friend LT’s house yesterday for his first lesson in shooting. He’d been looking forward to this for two weeks. He memorized the gun safety pamphlet she’d given him. He practiced proper gun safety in the yard with his cap gun. He was enthused. He was prepared.

I worry, as a parent, when one of my kids has built something up into being super-important. I, personally, try to lower my expectations of longed-for events so that I am not disappointed. But different people handle this sort of things differently. M was stoked about going shooting.

LT has taught MANY PEOPLE, including me, to shoot MANY types of firearms. She set up the airgun range in her garage. When we got there, she quizzed M on his gun safety knowledge. He passed superbly. I started to relax. Maybe this would go okay.

It went great.

M was great. He was safe, he observed all rules of gun safety and etiquette, and he shot really really well. Thank crickets. It matters a lot to him.

So, we’re going to make plans for him to continue shooting the airgun, and LT’s from time to time over the summer.


Happy kid.


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