My unglamorous life

Things I have done in the last few days:

Updated my Google Calendar to reflect reality
Ferried children to and from circus, in-line skating, and various other commitments
Roughed out schedules for [projects]
Read slush for Apex
Put away groceries
Cleaned up errant puppy waste in the house
Looked at adorable baby gerbils
Emailed friends
Emailed people I am working with regarding things
Emailed neighbors about CSA, and other people about the children’s play dates
Driven to and from work

And I napped yesterday when I got home from work. Three glorious nap-filled hours of sleep. Which then promptly interfere with my ability to fall asleep last night. Whee.

To make up, somewhat, for the mundanity of this post, I give you links:

The third installment of Indexing is live.

A fanvid for the Hobbit AU, Durin’s Day.

The Shiny, Dystopian, and Post-Apocalyptic K-Pop Future up at io9.

Today: Working out at the Y, Spanish class, homeschool, returning a stray library dvd, getting the kids’ their comics this month, and staying on top of the ever-simmering email situation.

Onward and upward.


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