Yesterday’s things

1. The Fort Snelling National Cemetery is a solemn thing. We left flowers for J’s father’s grave, then walked over to the oldest section. We walked around with the kids, looking at the grave markers and talking about the names we saw. We talked about when they lived, and what we could learn from their headstones. We looked at the graves of children and spouses. We talked about the religious affiliation markers. We talked about how different the National Cemeteries will look in thirty or forty years, with women who served, and the crescent moon of Islam.

2. I walked with the kids down to the location for the CSA pickup. We got sacks of lettuce, Chinese cabbage, basil, dill, and green onions. Nom nom nom. Met the woman who hosts the pick up site. Introduced her to the kids, since THEY will be doing the picking-up-of-food in future weeks.

They I discussed how to fairly divide the hilly walk so that there are not fights in the future about whose turn it is to pull the wagon.

3. In the circles of the internet that I frequent, there has been a LOT of conversation in the past week or so about rape culture. I’ve linked to almost all of it on my Tumblr, if you want to wade through the posts about Regina Mills or Little Red Riding Hood or Kristen Stewart to find them. In lieu of that, go see what Jim Hines, Chuck Wendig, Amal El-Mohtar, Genevieve Valentine, or Seanan McGuire have been saying.


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