June 26 2013

1. I really rather like the first two episodes of the new police procedural drama Crossing Lines. Which you can watch on Hulu, if you can watch Hulu.

The premise is that an international police task force is needed in the EU. So it’s … European cops. That, to me, makes it different from the forty-seven different versions of CSI. Also, the acting in the first two episodes was quite good. It’s a promising start, is what I’m saying.

2. I did a couple of round-table interview-esque things for The Body. First is Living Queer, Speaking Geek, and What’s Monogamy Got to Do with Marriage.

3. When new procedures or equipment are introduced into air traffic control, at some point the testing has to go live. And at that point, we in the air traffic control business privilege safety, sometimes at the temporary expense of efficiency. This is frustrating for everyone, but, honestly, you don’t want us to choose anything differently.


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