Valleyfair observations

Valleyfair is our local amusement park. For those new to the blog, my family are VERY FOND of amusement parks and waterparks. My kids are thrill ride junkies, and have not ever met a waterpark they did not like.

We took yesterday off of school and hit the park. After two spins on Wild Thing I … was feeling my age. As I get older, my inner ear congeals. (I’m not special. YOUR inner ear is congealing, too.) Motion-sickness has been an increasing problem for me over the last decade. (When the kids were born, I was a World of Warcraft player. A guild-belonging, salt-flats-exploring, spawn-camping member of the Alliance. But by the time my kids were two years old, playing video games made me horribly motion-sick.) So I begged off more turns while J and the kids went again.

The thing I love about Valleyfair — about all amusement parks — is the people-watching. The thing I noticed this year? Oh my GOD, are shorts ever gendered this year. Jiminey Crickets. Men’s shorts are knee-length, more or less. Women’s shorts are ass-cheek-cradling. Which, you know, I have mixed feelings about.

I also did my solidarity with the self-identified fringe moment. A teenage girl was standing next to M and me in line for Wild Thing. She had piercings and tattoos, and a multi-colored fauxhawk. So I did what any self-respecting fan would do and asked her if it was Rainbow Dash hair. No, she said, wondering what this Mom was doing talking to her about ponies. Do you read Captain Marvel? I asked. She blinked. No, she said, I’m an X-Men fan. Carol Danvers has a fauxhawk now, I said, gesturing to her hair. She half-laughed. I just found that out yesterday, she told me. I said, you might want to check it out, I think you’d like her. And then it was time to board Wild Thing.

I remember, when I was a teenager, how ODD it was for adults to recognize the things I cared about and respect them. (I think it will be less odd for my kids because we are bringing them up in fandom. But I am certain they will find something they care about that we don’t understand. Heck, K is already doing that.) But I also remember it as a positive thing. That there were people out in the world who cared about the same things I did. When I get the chance, I try to say something nice to the punky geeky young adults and kids I see. (Without being creepy about it. Which is a consideration, since I am forty.)

After Wild Thing we went to the waterpark, where I sat in the shade while my family played. A good time was had by all.


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  1. Really like this post! 🙂

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