Queers Dig Time Lords: More Reviews!

Starburst Magazine

“Right now, when the whole Whoniverse is speculating on who the Twelfth Doctor will be and wondering whether a woman or person of colour will take over the role, a book that embraces equality in all its forms seems perfectly timed and makes for excellent reading.”


“The bottom line for many of these essays seems to be that the Doctor and his companions in their many forms instilled confidence in those who admired them, and many dreamt of someday being whisked away in the TARDIS, free to develop and be themselves as they traveled from time to time and place to place, free from worry, fear, doubt and judgment.”


“As Doctor Who has become arguably more heteronormative (and definitely more mainstream), so has the queer community. Neither the blue Police Box nor the gay community are just for radicals and weirdos any more.”


“There’s a great sense of fun in this book and allowing such a wide range of authors to contribute their thoughts, ideas and experiences of quite what Dr Who has meant to them and how it affected them is a great way to celebrate this most treasured of evening serials. Some of these experiences are really quite funny, others touched me deeply and one or two are simply brilliant.”

Of Dice and Pen

“However, the stand-out essays (for me at least) are the ones that take a more in-depth look at the show itself and how it handles LGBTQ characters and themes.”

Life, Doctor Who, and Combom

“The anthology is filled with heart-warming coming out stories and personal accounts of the impact the series has had on the lives of individuals. Regardless of your sexual orientation, all of these stories have something that fans can empathise with in their personal history. ”

The Tearoom in the Tardis

“I was truly impressed by the range of authors included, and the fact that more than gay men were included: there are essays by lesbian, transgender, bi male, and bi female authors. The authors have totally different identities and viewpoints and Whovian histories; they are just as complementary and contradictory as you would expect in real life.”


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