First day of CONvergence!

1. I’m sure everyone will be talking about the reg lines. I don’t know what happened, but I DO know that CVG has a serious commitment to improving services, so I expect today and next year will be better.

2. ALL HAIL THE NERFHERDERS. This is a new department, created this year, for line management and traffic flow. THEY WERE MAGNIFICENT. The Nerfherders, Ops, and Volunteers worked together to deliver food and water to the people waiting in line. They led sing-a-longs. They mugged. They talked. They entertained. They worked VERY HARD to make sure that the unpleasant three-hour-wait for registration wasn’t hellish.

All hail the Nerfherders.

3. I met Optimystical Studios! Who are as delightful in person as on Tumblr.

4. I was on a panel called “How to Talk to the Naked Lady in the Elevator.” The panel went really well and … focused a lot on harassment issues, and how all parties should handle them. It was a serious panel, with serious topics, and a lot of not-very-buried anger. But my co-panelists were FANTASTIC, diffusing the tension of an overtly tense topic.

Thank you Brian, Ana, Charmaine, and Sarah. Especially Brian, who showed up in a bikini.

5. My last panel of the night was “Diversity in Steampunk.” The essentially problematic nature of Steampunk was acknowledged by the panelists, but not always addressed in ways that I found satisfactory. And the audience had a wide-ranging set of background assumptions and knowledge about history and Steampunk and costuming.

Okay. You get to cosplay whatever you want. That’s your choice. You get to make those choices.

But if you choose to cosplay Victorian European upper-class Orientalist ideals of Turkish women, I get to judge you for your decisions. Sure, you might be interrogating those things, but if that’s not evident to me? I will be judging. So, be prepared to get the consequences of your choices. In this, as in all things.


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