July 22 2013

1. I signed up to run the Twin Cities 5K on October 5th. The first leg of which goes from downtown St. Paul up Summit Avenue. I am going to spend the rest of my summer running the hills in my neighborhood.

2. J and our daughter went to a flying trapeze class yesterday! And both survived intact. \o/

3. I am finishing Orange is the New Black, the NetFlix original series about Piper Chapman’s stint in prison. I am finding it fascinating — I think the character of Piper to be highly irritating. HOWEVER. Taylor Schilling, the actress, is doing an AMAZINGLY good job playing Piper. In fact, the acting on the show is across-the-board good.

4. This makes three NetFlix Original Series that I have really liked — OitNB, Arrested Development Season 4, and House of Cards. I was lukewarm on the werewolf show. I thought it had promise, and fantastic acting, but was overall a hot mess.

5. I have lots of thoughts about the podcast series Welcome to Nightvale. I expect I’ll post about it when I finish the existing episodes.


2 Responses

  1. I’m planning to sign up for one that’s on October 26th! I’ve done this one twice before–first time I walked the whole way, last year I ran 5 minutes, walked 5. This year I run the whole way! Wanna compare training notes? :D?!?

  2. @spuffyduds YAY! Yes, lets!

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