Where is your voice? (Hugo voting ends tonight)

Voting for the Hugo Awards ends tonight at midnight.

You can vote if you are a member of Worldcon. SUPPORTING MEMBERS GET TO VOTE. If you know — like I do — that you will not be able to attend, and you want — like I do — to vote anyway, buy a supporting membership.

Here are the 2013 Hugo Award nominees.

That list is fantastic.

EVERY SINGLE ONE of those nominees is amazing. They are a small sample of the very best our field has to offer. And our field is fucking astonishing these days, my friends. I am crushed by some things that did not make the list — yet I cannot think of what I would remove to make room.

All of these nominees are amazing. And, that list?

That list is the future.

Look at that list. Look at the names. Look at the women, the people of color. Look at the youth and the age. Look at the national diversity. Look at the range of media.

This is our future, my fellow fans. This is the bright sunshine we want to walk into together. It’s a future of inclusivity and diversity, a future in which the realities of the present are projected forward in time with hope and grace.

Vote for the future you want to see. Vote for a future whose past, our present, is one you can be proud of.

I will also note that I am nominated. Chicks Dig Comics is up for Best Related Work. If you have read Chicks Dig Comics AND YOU FEEL IT TO BE WORTHY, god knows I would appreciate your vote.

But regardless of who you vote for, make your voice be heard. Tell your friends, buy a supporting membership, and be a part of tomorrow’s past. By your action or inaction, you speak.


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