KudosCon KickStarter

May I draw your attention to the KudosCon KickStarter?

Backed by the Geek Partnership Society — the people who help bring you CONvergence and Anime Detour — KudosCon will be a convention celebrating fanworks.

From the KickStarter page:

“Fanworks matter. They connect us our fannish communities and help us explore our own imaginations. We want to make a convention for people who get that. And we want you to join us.

Spend a weekend talking plot with fanfic authors, sketching with fan artists, comparing mics with podfic readers, trading costuming tips with cosplayers, talking meta over drinks at the bar, and of course, sharing squee with fellow fans.

What does a fanworks convention look like?

January 3rd-5th 2014, we’ll overrun the airport Hilton in Bloomington, Minnesota with fans. You’ll attend panels on fanworks and fan life ranging from squee to discussions of craft to academic presentations. You can buy and sell art in the artist alley, read your fic aloud at an open mic fanfic reading, show off your favorite costume at the cosplay contest, and hang out in the consuite with other creators. The schedule will have time built in for fandom meet-ups, meals out with friends, and Tumblr time. The convention is set up to be 18+ because a lot of fanworks involve porn, and we don’t want anybody getting in trouble.

We’re aiming to cover a wide variety of fanworks subjects, so expect to see programming on fan fiction, fan art, podfic, cosplay, meta, and vidding – and tell us if you want to see something we haven’t thought of! This convention is all about the things YOU love doing and making in fandom.”

Go on over to the KickStarter. Read up on the project for yourself. See if you can throw five bucks towards making this convention happen, hm?


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