Friday miscellany

1. The Circus Juventas show, Oz, was very good. The book was written specifically for this show, and thus was not a direct rendition of any Oz story you already know. (Auntie Em lived with her sister, Auntie Henrietta. For instance.)

If you do get to see it, I recommend paying especial attention to The Scarecrow and The Wizard. They were outstanding. And The Wizard’s costume … it was a delight. It … it gave the distinct impression that The Wizard was a cage dancer in The Castro district circa 1982.

2. I went running again this morning. Randomly in my neighborhood, no route or distance planned. Went 1.9 miles … without really thinking about it. Ran up four flights of stairs (two, then a rest, then two more.) I don’t even know.

3. The cooking lessons with the kids are paying off. On Wednesday, for dinner, K just … made a veggie stir-fry. For herself. Because she felt like it.

Go team.


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