American Elsewhere

I recently saw a post on Elizabeth Bear’s blog that said something along the lines of, ‘American Elsewhere, Welcome to Night Vale, Gravity Falls. Discuss.’ More or less. I thought to myself, well, I like Welcome to Night Vale and I like Gravity Falls — what’s this other thing?

It turns out that American Elsewhere is a novel by Robert Jackson Bennett. American Elsewhere is distinctly up my street, as it were. It’s about consequences, and secret identity, and the past both coming home to roost and being kicked to the curb. Moreover, it’s a story with diversity along a number of lines. It’s a book set in a world that I recognize, where people speak and act like in a way I feel is real and valid.

American Elsewhere is a bit darker than Gravity Falls. It remains to be seen how it compares to Welcome to Night Vale. At any rate — if you like those two things, I recommend you give American Elsewhere a shot.


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