Fitness update!

1. It was pointed out to me that I can do the 100 Push-Ups challenge progression, if I do counter-top or incline push-ups. I don’t know why this never occurred to me before. I’ve always not bothered with the 100 Push-Ups because I can’t do a single push-up. But, here I am on Day 3 of 100 Push-Ups, gamely plonking away at them on my kitchen counter.

2. I have started doing negative assisted pull-ups at the Y. Negative, meaning I hop up to the top position of a pull-up from a little platform, and lower myself as slowly as I can manage. Assisted, meaning I am standing on a counterweight that DECREASES the weight I am slowly lowering. Then when I reach the bottom, I stand back onto the little platform, grab the bars, and hop into the top position again.

The machine looks like this:


At the maximum assistance, 112#, I can barely sort of not-fall. And my absolute best efforts are aided by one simple trick, which I will now share with you.

As I hop up to the top position, and clench all the muscles in my back and arms and pull as hard as I can, I think, “lava lava lava LAVA LAVA LAVA LAVA OH MY GOD LAVA LAVA LAVA OH SHIT.”

Works for me.


2 Responses

  1. Yay for starting the progression towards push-ups! Also for working on pull-ups.

    I’ve been changing up my routine to include more push/pull exercises. I’m doing knee push-ups. I remember being able to do full push-ups, but I sure can’t do that now. I am working toward pull-ups by doing bent-over rows and incline rows. My incline rows look a lot like your counter push-ups. I can only manage a little incline so far.

    I started doing a Nerd Fitness challenge and enjoy it a lot. This business of challenges and social support seems to really work.

  2. @Lynn I love the Nerd Fitness challenges!

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