Growing pains and generational shifts

1. There’s an ongoing conversation occurring about diversity in science fiction and fantasy, both in the literature and media and in the fannish communities and conventions. Check out the Twitter hashtag #DiversityinSFF for places to join in that conversation.

2. Rose Lemberg in hosting a conversation at her blog, “Disability, Diversity, Dignity”. This is a case where you DO read the comments.

3. DC Comics is having a rough month, and it appears to be entirely self-inflicted. J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman are leaving the Batwoman title due to DC’s refusal to allow the lead to marry.. While this may be due to a desire on editorial’s part for NO major characters to marry, the forbidding of a GAY marriage is pissing people off.

Additionally, DC is running a talent search. In which artists are to draw Harley Quinn sexily committing suicide.


It’s a generational shift. These are the growing pains. The future is here, and it’s FULL of difference and diversity. And there are consequently a host of

old man yells at cloud

old [for various values of age] men [and women and everyone else] yelling [or conversing without listening or monologing] at clouds [reality].

Dear Fearful Reactionaries Who Desire a Past Status Quo Benefiting Themselves at the Expense of Others:

Suck it the fuck up and get the hell out of the way.


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