Inspirational, aspirational

In northern California there’s a gym, Bodytribe Fitness. I rather like these folks. They talk a lot about finding the pleasure and joy in moving one’s body, in reaching further with one’s physical self.

They also post instructional videos to YouTube.

Now, I do not find these videos instructional so much as I find them aspirational. I can’t do HALF the things shown in the videos.

But …

But I can aim in the general direction of doing these things.

For instance. Here’s the recent video on working with dumbbells:

Now, I can’t do most of that. Nope. Nopeity nope. The Nopetopus Rides Again.

However … I can do a squat while holding a pair of dumbbells. And then I can put the dumbbells on the floor. And then walk my feet back into a plank. And hold a plank. Walk back to a squat, stand, and do a push-press.

… Yeah. That I can do.

It’s not what Bodytribe Video Dude is doing, of course. But it’s aimed that direction.


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