Hello, all

So, hello everyone!

A few more people than usual checked out the blog yesterday, likely as a result of the Apex Magazine announcement, I expect. I thought I would take this opportunity to give a quick About Me briefing —

1. My full-time job, outside of editing work, is air traffic controller. I’ve been one for sixteen years. It’s work I enjoy — it is very clear on success conditions, and rewarding. I always feel like I am part of something important, something greater than myself. It’s a job that does good in the world. The schedule is a miserable slog of insomnia and sleep deprivation, but that’s as it is.

2. I’m queer, female identified and mostly cis-gendered except that I apparently think that I can get shoulders like Vin Diesel, and poly. I outline my family briefly, here. As I write this I am forty years old. I am white, of a northern-European-blend variety. I was raised Protestant (ELCA Lutheran, for those who care,) but am largely agnostic now. I believe in science and reason with all my heart.

3. My partner and I homeschool our kids. Therefore I talk quite a bit about family things. More on Twitter and less here, I expect. But I really like my kids and am proud of them, so you will hear about field trips and museums and birthdays.

4. I spend time working out and cooking healthy food. This is NOT a weight-loss or fat-shaming blog, though. I’m a proponent of the HAES (Health At Every Size) school of thinking. I am a fat, forty-year-old woman with tendonitis and a dodgy ankle. I deadlift #165, run 5K, and can mostly squeak out a Turkish Get-Up. Health at every size is reality-land around these parts.

That said, I like workout buddies! You can find me on Fitocracy as sigridellis. I also like new vegetarian recipes. Feel free to share!

5. We have puppies! They are Tern’s puppies, but I adore them. They are Yorkshire Terrier-Poodle crosses, and are small and adorable. Will and Tim are the puppies, and Connor is the fifteen-year-old Old Man of the canine contingent. Tern also keeps gerbils, and giant millipedes, and raises Cecropia giant silkworm moths each year. We are a pet-intensive household.

6. Tern and Cavorter are heavily involved in TwinLUG, the Twin Cities’ Lego Users’ Group. They also build Micropolis. Virtual Micropolis can be seen here. There is much LEGO talk in my house, is what I am getting at.

7. I read more non-fiction than fiction at the moment, though that changes every year or so. I like the works of Lois Bujold, Seanan McGuire, Dorothy Sayers, Paul Cornell, Kerry Greenwood, Greg Rucka, Elizabeth Bear, and a host of others I am having trouble remembering at the moment. I am fannish, and fangirl is never a pejorative term here. I read comic books, mostly mainstream, mostly Marvel, Image, and Oni. I like stories about adults who understand that easy answers come at a price. I like stories about people who choose heroism when they have an out.

8. I like a lot of classical music, mostly the Russians, some Dvorak, a great deal of Mozart. Predictable emotionally manipulative stuff that doesn’t require a huge amount of attention. I also like pop music, mainstream club music, and a lot of dubstep. Things with a beat, in which the words are not important.

And then I also love musical theater. Sondheim 4EVA!

9. My tattoos are:

The Global Frequency logo
A stylized phoenix
The Vorkosigan House sigil
A life-size Giant African Millipede
Barbara Gordon, Dinah Lance, and Helena Bertinelli
The one I did myself late at night in college


It’s a pleasure to meet you all!


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