Today is actually the day

Happy birthday, M.

Ten years ago today we’d been at the hospital overnight already. I think I went home at some point and let the dogs out and got a bit of sleep, maybe? I don’t recall that point. The photos of everyone at the hospital show a bunch of ill-lit zombie-looking people, at any rate.

Your birth family were crowded around you. We took up SPACE, my son. Birth family on both sides and adoptive family and clan. A lot of people were super-happy to see you come into the world.

You were very blotchy. No offense, but you just were. Blotchy and so, so very much a red-head. Just like your birth mom and, amusingly enough, like my mother. I remember she laughed to get a red-headed, blue-eyed grandchild.

The next day when it was time for us to take you home, it was Two Stooges Dress the Baby. We laughed while trying to fit your limbs into a Winnie-the-Pooh onesie. We figured that eventually we would get better at it, and finally we did.

Happy birthday, my fine ten-year-old boy. I love you.


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