During the government shutdown

The U.S. government will probably shut down tomorrow due to a budget … controversy, let’s call it, in Congress.

I am a federal employee. However, I am what’s called exempted. I must report to work whether or not I am getting paid.

But that’s neither here nor there. What I want to call your attention to is a hashtag on Twitter, #duringthegovernmentshutdown2piginthecity. This is being used by writer Glen Weldon in a lengthy series of tweets discussing the post-apocalyptic state of Washington, D.C., during the government shutdown.

Being as I am a fan of all those 80s movies involving biker gangs and leather and burned-out urban centers and quests for the missing nuclear codes, I am finding Mr. Weldon’s running narrative hilarious. I recommend you go to Twitter and check it out.


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