On a rainy Thursday

1. I am halfway through Stephen King’s new novel, Doctor Sleep. I like it, very much. I’d forgotten how comforting I find his books. Reading this is like finding a new pair of perfect pajamas to replace a pair that had worn out years ago.

2. As part of our homeschool curriculum Tern and I declared this summer that any dvd in the house could be watched for school, provided that dvd is watched with the Spanish language track running. My kids are tearing through all the superhero movies we own — Sky High, all the Marvel comics stuff, The Incredibles — in Spanish. I love this.

3. My kids’ circus school has some connections to Cirque du Soleil. This week a few of the Cirque performers in town visited the school and subbed in to help teach classes. K is THRILLED THRILLED THRILLED that she got to do Adagio with a couple of the Cirque guys. I am pretty pleased about this, myself.


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