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    Sigrid Ellis is co-editor of the Hugo-nominated Queers Dig Time Lords and Chicks Dig Comics anthologies. She edits the best-selling Pretty Deadly from Image Comics. She is the flash-fiction editor of Queers Destroy Science Fiction, from Lightspeed Press. She edited the Hugo-nominated Apex Magazine for 2014. She lives with her partner, their two homeschooled children, her partner’s boyfriend, and a host of vertebrate and invertebrate pets in Saint Paul, MN.
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Dear Yuletide author!

Hello Mystery Yuletide Author!

First off, honestly, I will be happy with whatever you come up with. Yuletide is a gift, a mutual gift of time and talent and good faith and good will. I am happy that you, Mystery Writer, are participating.


Here are my requests as written on Yuletide:

Hawkeye (comics)
Kate Bishop
Snarky, fun, gen or light romance. PLEASE do not write Clint and Kate romantically or sexually involved with each other. “The dog won’t die and they won’t fuck,” Matt said. Let’s keep it that way.
Hijinks are good! Complicated is good! Weary know-it-alls who are in over their heads are GREAT!

Push (2009)
Cassie Holmes
Anything with the broader world and characters. OCs are fine and dandy, and include any of the other characters you like. A heist would be great! Something fun and action-filled.

Vikings (TV)
I am pining for Lagertha’s shieldmaiden days! PINING. Historical accuracy is a PLUS. The story of a raid of a battle from Lagertha’s pov? Or maybe she is being mentored by an older shieldmaiden? Something about training? Maybe her decision to quit?

Arthurian Mythology
Lancelot du Lac
AUs are WELCOME. Time-displaced creative re-tellings WELCOME. Crossovers WELCOME.
What I love most about Lance is the moments of decision. He made some bad ones, but so did everyone else. How did those bad decisions come to be? Why did they make sense for him?

Lord Peter Wimsey — Dorothy L. Sayers
Harriet Vane
Peter Wimsey
Crossovers with other period-appropriate fictions are WELCOME. (Downton Abbey, I am looking at YOU.)
Case-fic is what I want. A glorious, glorious casefic. Either before or after Peter and Harriet are married, either is great.


In general, I like romantic relationships to complicated and angsty. I like solid, dependable friendships. I like gen, femslash, het, and am neutral on slash. I like women being complicatedly awesome — flawed and strong and failing and succeeding at things. Human.

I like people being human beings, with all the dazzling accomplishment and petty failure that can bring.

If you have questions about what I might like or not, find likeadeuce and ask her.

Thanks again for writing for me! I really appreciate it.