Did I mention I’m on vacation?

1. It looks like my nation will have what passes for a functioning government again, in the sense that we will pay our bills and resume providing services. Since I am one of the bills and one of the services, I appreciate this.

2. The thermometer on the outside of the house reads 36 F this morning. Whuff. I am glad that Tern is the person responsible for walking the dogs, not me.

3. My son and I are watching Agents of SHIELD together. So far it’s perfectly fine. There are things to object to, and things to enjoy, and M loves all the tech and the worldbuilding.

4. My two favorites of the new tv season so far are The Blacklist and Sleepy Hollow. Both are shows that have COMMITTED to being the thing they are being. I mean, these shows are like Scandal or Downton Abbey or American Horror Story in their commitment to being the things they are. Sleepy Hollow just keeps presenting whackadoo supernatural elements with the most SINCERE presentation. And The Blacklist is pulling plays from both 24 and Silence of the Lambs, with a touch of Homeland. It’s delightful.

5. I am travelling tomorrow, at a convention all weekend, and travelling on Monday. Expect normal service to resume on Wednesday.