I started watching the new tv series Reign this weekend. I can’t think of anything to say that Genevieve Valentine has not already covered. Let me direct you to her episode recaps:

Ten Things You Should Know About Reign

“Most of the time, however, they’re sort of magnificently awful; among a higher-than-likely quota of cooing and squealing, historically they were all named Mary, and they are now named Kenna, Greer, Lola, and Aylee, because Reign has nary a fuck left to give.”

Reign: Snakes in the Garden

“I have to say, I respect this show’s level of Who Cares, I respect it more than I thought I would, but if the goal is to modernize the dresses into Gossip Girl levels of covetable couture, as the costume designer has suggested was entirely the point of dressing them like this, I still don’t understand why they’re dressed like this. Every single one of these dresses is a monster; one of them has an enormous fake flower stapled to the bodice, and that’s BARELY the ugliest one. I honestly don’t know what to tell this show.”