Doctor Who, “Day of the Doctor”

Because I was out of town, I am a little bit late to the party. But I did finally see the most recent episode of Doctor Who, “Day of the Doctor.”

I liked it.

I liked it rather a lot.

I had been wondering where the show was going to head next. As much as I have liked the last couple of series, I must admit that I am growing a wee bit tired of the “what terrible secret or power does THIS Companion hold?!?!?!” thingy. And, while there are hints of that in this episode, it’s just hints. Phew.

On the chance that you might not have seen the episode yet, I won’t say what the new show direction actually is. But I liked how they got there. I liked the super-sekrit-plot-twist this time. So often it seems shoe-horned in, the super-sekrit-plot-twist. But this time it seemed to make a bit more sense.

Inasmuch as ANY Doctor Who plot twist makes sense, you understand.

If you drifted away from the show in the last season or two, may I suggest giving this episode a chance? It is clearly making a fresh start, and might well be worth your time.


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