December 10 2013

1. It is bitterly, nastily cold, here. And windy. And the roads are too cold for MNDoT to get them driveably free of ice.

2. I signed up for Snapchat, and started using the heck out of it. NOT, as most comments seem to indicate it is used, for porn shots and adult photos, but merely to send photos of my life and family to friends.

Honestly, the thing I am doing the most? Taking snaps of tiled bathroom floors and drawing classic, old-skool, AD&D dungeon maps on the grid. I happen to have hexagonal tile in my bathroom, and hence send HEX maps of caverns to my friends.

If, you know, you’re the sort of friend I would send a pic of my bathroom to. Erm.

Anyway, I like it a lot. I also use it a great deal, so don’t add me as a contact unless you want pics of my kids, my dinner, and (of course) my bathroom floor.

3. Did I mention it’s cold, and the roads suck?

4. Actually, if you add me on Snapchat, you’ll probably get pics of snow.


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