December 12 2013

Typically, I spend all day Wednesday teaching school with the kids, wrangling them through chores, driving them places, cooking food for the week, and going to bed early.

This Wednesday was no exception.

Oh, two things of note —

Do you all remember me talking about the podcast, “A History of Rome”? Well, the guy that did that podcast, Mike Duncan, is doing his next podcast, called Revolutions. I highly, HIGHLY recommend both for my fellow history nerds.

Revolutions is going to take twelve-to-sixteen weeks, one podcast a week, to talk about various world revolutions. Right now we’re on the English Revolution, or the English Civil War. Cromwell, you know. This reminded me of a good book I read a while back, called The Cousins’ Wars. The premise of the book is that the English Civil War, the American Revolution, and the U.S. Civil War were all more-or-less fought by the same two factions of belief and identity each time. It’s an interesting thesis, and a compelling (if not completely convincing) argument.

At any rate, I am re-reading The Cousins’ Wars as a result.


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