The year that was 2013


That was, honestly, a really busy year.

In the spring, Queers Dig Time Lords was published. (With co-editor Michael D. Thomas. Who is an invaluable co-creator.) (Thank you again, Michael.)

I became editor of Apex Magazine. (The first issue of mine comes out in January.)

My family and I took a week-long vacation together in Guatemala. (It’s the country K was born in, and we wanted to see it together. I climbed an active volcano. I saw Tikal.)

I planted a garden for the first time. (I learned a LOT.) (I am going to do it All Differently this year.)

I helped a friend name and out a serial harasser. (Thank you again, Elise. You took one for the team, and the team owes you.)

I started dating a woman who has been a friend for over a dozen years, and now we have grown into ourselves enough to date each other. (It’s fantastic. I am deeply smitten. (Yes, Tern and I are poly, the relationships are open, see the FAQ.)

We got new puppies. (Will and Tim, and I adore them WAY more than I thought I would.)

Chicks Dig Comics was nominated for a Hugo award. (We lost, but I am now forever after the Hugo-nominated editor, Sigrid Ellis. Which is fucking weird, let me assure you.)

The comic book I am editing, Pretty Deadly, came out, with one of the best first-issue sales around. (And is garnering critical acclaim, and is making a number of best-of lists for 2013.) (Because Kelly Sue, Emma, Jordie, and Clayton are amazing creators.)

Tern and I got married. (In my living room. We had cake!)

It has been a year. Huh. Look at all of that.

Happy New Year, all.


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