Happy 2014, everyone!

You guys all know I am a big schmoopy sentimental optimist, right? You figured that out? Good.

Begin as you mean to go on.

I begin 2014 grateful. Grateful for my friends and family and community. You all, you are pretty damn amazing.

My friends and family this year have:

married, divorced, raised children, written books and comics and poetry and songs and podcasts, gotten same published, won awards for same, bought houses, sold houses, gotten new pets, lost beloved elderly pets, donated a fuckton of money to charity, donated a fuckton of time to charity and relief efforts and donations, started new businesses, fulfilled numerous Kickstarters and their ilk, screwed up, apologized, found the strength to leave bad situations, found the strength to stay and improve bad situations, found the voice that speaks against power, found the voice that shelters the small and afraid, spoken truth to power, spoken truth to the powerless, made me proud, made themselves proud, continued on when they didn’t see the way through —

You all, you are amazing. You know that, right?

You know that you are admirable. That I admire you. That you have stood through the past year, and I admire your many successes. I also admire the way you weather failures. I learn from each of you how to get up and go on, both when things go unexpectedly well or unexpectedly poorly.

You all are my role models and inspirations. You make me a better person. You make me want to be a better person.

And, watching all of you, I know that’s possible.

Happy New Year, all of you.

Begin as we mean to go on.


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