Station identification January 2014

Hello, you have reached the blog of Sigrid Ellis.

I can most easily be reached via Twitter. @sigridellis

I have a Tumblr, where I regularly reblog items. This Tumblr has its own Twitter account, for those who do not have a Tumblr of their own but want to follow along. @SigridsTumblr

I edit Apex Magazine. New issues come out on the first Tuesday of each month.

My other writing and editing credits can be found here.

I am on Snapchat, and use it a LOT. If you are a person to whom I feel comfortable sending blurry photos of my dirty dishes, my kids, and snow, I will likely add you.

Yes, I am on Google+, but I never use it.

Yes, I am on Facebook. I never log on to it except to manage pages for books I am editing. I will never see a message you send to me there. I. Will. Never. See. It. My Facebook page says to not contact me via Facebook. Email me instead. Please.

My email is firstnamelastname, at Google’s email , dot com. To email me regarding any Apex Magazine related issues, use apex.sigrid [at] gmail [dot] com.



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