Doctors have tells

So, I’ve had laryngitis for, um, six months.

This is suboptimal.

This is especially suboptimal as I have a job, air traffic control, that revolves around talking.

After many treatment options and plans with my GP, I made an appointment with an ENT specialist. (I have not had untreated laryngitis for six months. I’ve been trying to get it treated.)

The doctor asks a couple questions and tells me he’s going to stick a camera up my nose and down my throat. Some moments later, there we are.

“Everything’s fine,” he mutters as the camera goes in my nose. “No lumps, no bumps, looks good.”

The camera begins sliding down my sinuses. “Looks good, no lumps, no bumps,” he murmurs.

The camera gets to my throat.

The doctor stops talking.

You, sir, I thought to myself, have a tell.

The upshot is, he doesn’t know what’s wrong, but something is rather wrong, and I am going to make an appointment for a surgical biopsy so he can rule out some things and possible find out what’s wrong.

Further updates as events warrant.


One Response

  1. I have been there and done that with the “why can’t my voice keep working” and I am sorry it’s so complicated. Here’s to ruling out everything bad with a quickness and getting you back on track.

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