Holiday, health, Apex, and more

1. It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the U.S. Every year, for school, we sit down with the kids and watch a short documentary about the March on Washington, and King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

There’s obviously so much more to King’s life and work than that speech. But the speech alone, and the March, are such a part of the American mythos, so important to cultural literacy, that we have made sure the kids know that much.

2. I have a date for a throat biopsy. February 14th. This is inconvenient, in that I can’t sleep and can’t work more than 65% of the time. It’s comforting, in that were my situation an emergency, I would be having the biopsy sooner. (When I had a Weird-Looking Mass in my abdomen a few years back, I went from ultrasound to surgery in a matter of weeks. That fact alone was frightening.)

However, I can qualify for FMLA, and I have savings. I need to get a letter from the doctor asserting that I get FMLA rights and protections, and then I should be fine.

3. Apex Magazine opened for submissions on January 1st.

I am thrilled at the quality of work that is coming my way. Y’all are turning in some very good stories. Of course, I can’t publish them all. This means that very good, publication-worthy work is going to be rejected by me. It’s not you, it’s me. I promise. Take your short story and send it out again.

4. M is in his second term of Art Skillz. He likes it a lot, and is learning. I am personally impressed with the worksheets and materials that he brings home. This class is certainly not going to be useful for everyone, but M is thriving.

5. I am excited for season two of Vikings!


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