A few media things

1. I have not yet finished the season finale of Sleepy Hollow — I fell asleep halfway through. But the first half is great, and I am comfortably spoiled for the ending. I truly love this show.

2. I saw Legend of Hercules this past weekend. It was TERRIBLE. I feel like there needs to be a meme-gif of the CGI monsters, particularly the Nemean Lion, with the caption, “CGI, you had ONE THING to do. ONE THING.” Because, goodness gracious, the CGI in that film were terrible. It’s a sword-and-sandals actionfest! All it has to do it have sweaty half-naked guys swinging swords at CGI monsters!

3. I am really pleased that the British crime series, Scott & Bailey, is on NetFlix! I quite like this show, and am very happy I get to see it legally!


One Response

  1. Should that be Hulu instead of Netflix for “Scott & Bailey”? I couldn’t find it on Netflix but did see it on Hulu.

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