Finally saw RIDDICK

I love the Riddick franchise. I love Pitch Black, I love that one animated movie, I love the not-at-all-good Chronicles of Riddick.

I love Vin Diesel, as an actor and, from what I have read so far in interviews, as a decent human being. He’s kinda a dork. He started his career in musical theater. He’s a massive gamer who loves comics and AD&D. I also love his body, and his voice …..

I’m sorry, where was I?

Oh, yes, Vin Diesel.


The most recent film in the franchise is Riddick. I watched it yesterday, on dvd, and quite enjoyed it.

A few things I liked:

1. The reset, as it were, of Riddick back to animal-loner-outside? I liked it a lot. That’s the part that works. Riddick comes from outside, he’s not a part of human interactions and exchange. The end of CoR was difficult in that way. This movie fixes it.

2. I liked the callbacks to the first movie. I liked the Johns connection. I liked the oncoming storm, I liked the basic re-creation of the plot of Pitch Black. That’s what WORKED.

3. The relationship between Riddick and the dog was a lot of fun.

Things I didn’t like:

1. The sexuality of the Katee Sackhoff character. Her sexuality was a weirdly awkward plot point. I couldn’t figure out what the PURPOSE of highlighting it was supposed to be.

2. The dog dies.

All told, I hugely enjoyed the film.

One Response

  1. I like Vin Diesel a lot. I liked the dog. The treatment of both of the women in this film left me annoyed that I spent time watching the film. 😦

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