In case you missed it

1. Saturday was K’s birthday! She is eleven. She got a mobile media wifi device for her birthday, aka a phone with no phone plan, and she is THRILLED.

We had her birthday party yesterday at the Ghostly Gangplank ropes course at the Mall of America, and all was well. Her friends know her, and gave her a bunch of great presents.

There was cake. All was well.

2. We got into a car accident on the way home from the hospital on Friday. The car is probably totaled. The adjuster is looking at it today, but two airbags blew and the frame is crumpled, soooooo…

We were are bruised and banged and sore, but everyone is fine. Thank you, NTSB, for safety glass and airbags and seat belts and crumple zones. Thank you. All was well.

3. We were at the hospital on Friday for my throat biopsy. The biopsy results do not come back until Wednesday. The ENT told my family he is concerned. It does not look good. He gave us a photo of the inside of my trachea, showing the pools of blood in my throat. Cancer was mentioned as a possibility.

I will know more on Wednesday.

4. In other news, it’s snowing again, here. Four or five inches forecast for the morning.

It’s really very pretty, and I am glad that I do not have to drive anywhere in it today. All is well.


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