Keep busy, I think

1. Tomorrow is the biopsy follow-up appointment, where I start to get real information. So today is … waiting.

2. I weaned off of the narcotics yesterday, and realized that I was a lot more sore from the accident that previously understood. So I went in to Urgent Care, got x-rayed. My ribs are not broken, thank goodness. They’re badly bruised, though, and I can expect six weeks of pain while they heal. Rock on.

I just have to remember to breathe deeply, so as to not give myself pneumonia on top of everything else.

3. I started watching The Bletchley Circle yesterday. I quite like it. It’s a little too graphic to watch around the kids, but they are old enough that I can tell them I am watching something scary, and they shouldn’t come in.

4. I should keep busy today. Not sure with what. Possibly cleaning the kitchen and doing some cooking.

5. It’s warmer here today, so J and I will need to go out and hack through the ice dams. This summer, I swear, we are going to get the insulation dealt with properly. Yeesh.


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