Squash Soup recipe

Find a couple of cups of cubed squash. Acorn? Butternut? Probably not spaghetti squash, that doesn’t cube super-well. Maybe a cup? Maybe two? I had about a cup and a half left over in the fridge, from when I baked it two days ago. Probably you should cook it. Bake it? Parboil it? Pre-cook it in some way, so it’s not rock-hard.

Find and briefly boil some carrots. About as many carrots as you have squash. Chop them up into chunks about as big as your squash chunks, maybe a bit smaller. Boil them for about five minutes, maybe. Just soften those roots up a bit.

Chop an onion. Or a couple of shallots. Probably not a red onion, or a sweet onion. Probably a yellow onion. Medium-ish, unless you really like or really hate onions.

Take a pot, big enough to hold all the stuff you already have out on the counter plus liquid to cover said stuff. Put a splash of oil in the bottom of the pot, probably vegetable oil or canola oil, or maybe butter. Heat that. When it’s hot, put in the chopped onions and turn the heat down to medium. You don’t want to burn them. Add about a tablespoon of paprika, a half teaspoon of ground nutmeg of you have some, and about a teaspoon of ground black pepper. Less if you want it less spicy. Stir that and let it fry a bit until the onions start looking cooked.

Add your squash chunks and your carrot chunks. stir until everything is covered in the spices and oil. Keep the heat medium-low, and let it cook for about five minutes, stirring every once in a while.

Add liquid to cover everything and turn the heat up so it boils. The liquid can be water, or chicken stock, or veggie stock, or beef stock. I probably wouldn’t use a seafood stock, I don’t think that would go well with the nutmeg and paprika, personally. Do you want to add a splash of white white? Maybe you have a bottle open already. Toss in a bay leaf. Stir everything up, put a cover on it.

When it boils, turn the heat down so it simmers.

Cook … a while. Ten minutes if your veggies were really soft already. Longer if they were not.

Turn the heat off. TAKE OUT THE BAY LEAF. Blend that stuff. Either pour it into a blender in batches, or use an immersion blender. Make it all smooth and soup-like.

After it’s blended and cooled a smidge, add some cream. Or milk. Or half-and-half. Or soy milk. I wouldn’t bother adding a no-fat thing, that seems sorta pointless at this juncture. Just a splash, just a bit to add richness, since we didn’t put a whole lot of oil or butter into it.

Taste it. Does it taste good? Does it need a smidge more pepper? Maybe touch of salt? It probably needs a touch of salt. Do you have a nice parmesan cheese you want to top it with, instead of salt? Is it a little bit flat? Do you have some lemon juice to dribble in? Maybe that will help. Oooh, cilantro, I bet some chopped cilantro would taste good.




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