Most excellent news

1. I still don’t have throat cancer.

2. At some point, I will stop mentioning that, but that point is not now. The shaking relief that I get whenever I think that is too strong.

3. I am on antibiotics, antifungals, and steroids, and the ENT says it looks very promising down in my throat. Things are clearing up.

4. In a month I need to go back and have him look again. The lining of my throat needs to grow back properly. There is still a slight danger window here, in which a cell or two could get creative or expansionist ideas, and go all wonky in that regrowth process. It’s not likely, but it’s possible, and hence we will check.

5. I have now begun the process of making my case with the Office of Aerospace Medicine that I am okay to go back to work. I hope the process goes smoothly for me. It is the flight surgeon’s job to make sure that your friendly neighborhood pilots and air traffic controllers are, in fact, fit to perform the services you expect from us. This makes the FSO a rather cautious and conservative organization. I am hoping that “NOT CANCER! GO TEAM!” will prove straightforward.

6. We call this victory.


One Response

  1. Best news is best. So pleased for you and the family, Sigrid!

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