A weekend of getting the leftovers out of the fridge

1. Tofu-shiitake-miso soup

This one was pretty good. I had a couple tablespoons of miso taking up too much room in their container, and I had some previously baked tofu, and I had some dried shiitakes. I put a quart of water in the fridge in the morning, with a big leaf of seaweed in it. In the afternoon I fried up some chopped ginger (which was going weird and dodgy anyway,) threw in some red pepper flakes, tossed in some of the tofu, and let that cook on medium heat for a bit. Then I dumped in the seaweed-water, minus the big soggy leaf, and crumbled some dried shiitakes into it. I let that come to a boil, turned off the heat, and stirred in the end of the miso container. I ate the entire pot for lunch.

2. Tofu-mushroom-kale soup

This one was also pretty good. I fried half an onion in some oil, added the cubed baked tofu, chopped up some mushrooms and tossed those in. Let it cook a bit. Added a splash of red wine and two big handfuls of kale, let that steam a bit. Added the end of a container of homemade stock, about a pint-and-a-half. Brought it to a boil. Took it off the stove and ate the entire thing.

3. Leftovers stew

This one was weird, and I don’t recommend it, but it was edible.

Chopped up a shallot and started it frying in a bit of oil. added some homemade tvp fake-sausage-experimental whatever. Added some slightly dodgy mushrooms, chopped. Added some leftover pinto beans. Added some leftover plain brown rice. Added about a pint of stock and a bay leaf. Tossed in some leftover steamed broccoli. Brought it to a boil, turned the heat down, let it simmer into … stew, we’re calling that.

We all ate it, the kids and I. It wasn’t TERRIBLE, just kinda gloppy and uninteresting. But it got some containers out of the fridge before they turned feral.


2 Responses

  1. How do you store your fresh ginger? I keep mine frozen. It is easy to peel when the outside is thawed but the inside is still firm. It does not grate well after freezing, but it chops just fine. I don’t use it often enough to finish even a small root before it goes funny in the fridge.

  2. @Lynn In the fridge. Usually I get to the entire root before it goes odd ….

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