More monsters!

So, I play the game My Singing Monsters. It’s one of those computer games where you raise monsters, and buy them things they like, and feed them, and level them up to … unlock more monsters and stuff. It’s a game that I play for free. One can spend money, like so many of these games, and buy food and cash and diamonds. I just don’t.

So I log in to the game last night, and I frown. My game says I have SO MUCH MORE money than I did last time! And SO MANY DIAMONDS.

I blink.

“Is there a glitch in the game?” I wonder. I try to spend some of the money, upgrade a castle. It works. I try to use some of the diamonds, speed up my upgrades. It works. Huh, I say to myself. I can’t explain it. Maybe there’s a problem on the server end of the game? I click a few more things, wondering if the stuff I’m doing will be reset in a few minutes when Big Fish figures it out.

I turn to explain the weird glitch to J, who is standing nearby. She smiles and explains that the family BOUGHT ME MORE STUFF for my birthday! That it was my secret birthday present!


I am so pleased! I upgraded my Water Island and Earth Island castles, I upgraded my storage sheds, I sped up the castle upgrades for instant gratification, it’s so pleasing! What a delightful present!

Thank you, oh family of mine. You got me more monsters!


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