Garden planning!

It has been REALLY nice here, the last few days. Like, mid-to-high-30s! And partly sunny! The snow is melting everywhere. Like, rivers running across all paved surfaces during the day. (Which then freeze at dusk into glassy sheets of ice that run for fifteen or thirty feet. Ugh. But I digress.)

So I’ve been pondering my garden plans for this year.

Last year’s garden was … educational. It was my first garden ever. I learned that J has some sort of complicated, intuition-based method for determining whether the garden needs water, and how much water it needs, and I don’t do well with irregular chores. (That last part wasn’t news. I do well with things that need doing every day, or every week on a strict schedule. I do poorly with tasks that required being noticed as their first step.)

I learned that the tomatoes will cover everything else, given a chance.

So, tentatively, I plan on putting all the tomato plants in one bed. The far bed, with more shade. And I will put nothing else in that bed. They can just all compete with each other for the more limited sunlight.

In the sunnier bed I will put the other things. Cucumbers up the back trellis. Herbs. Salad greens in the front. Green onions. Carrots. Maybe some kale.

I want the snow to melt. I want it to melt so I can go out back and clean up the beds from last fall, clear out the dead plant debris, turn the soil a bit, work in some manure. I want to lay the literal groundwork for the planting last er this spring. I want to move forward, making visible the coming spring.


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