Adulting, I can has it

I don’t review my finances as often as I should. About every eight years, if I’m being honest. In the continually moving goalpost of “am I actually an adult,” I feel that I should probably look at my finances once a year. But, remember, you’re looking at a person who does her filing every three years. These sorts of things are not my strongest suit.

However, when for a while there it looked like I might be out of work and facing vast medical bills, I started checking in with my finances, and insurance, and retirement planning, and etc. I am getting my ducks in a row. I updated my 401K withholding. I found all the login information and passwords and whathaveyou for my accounts, my employee benefits website, my banks. I double-checked my insurance policies. I tracked my expenses and drew up a budget.

There are some parts that are still in-progress. I need a few more pieces of information in order to finalize my long-term-disability insurance, to finalize a new savings account, I need to wait a couple more paychecks to draw up the money market account I’ve selected. But it’s all going to come together in a couple months.

I ran a couple different models of retirement needs. That was … less than perfectly useful. The difference between my best-case scenario and my worst-case is SO vast, it’s difficult to know how to plan. Not for the best-case, that part is clear. But how far along the worst-case do I plan for? And how much am I willing to cut from my current family lifestyle in order to increase my retirement savings? It’s a conundrum.

What I actually have, after a weekend of calculating inflation rates and looking up property taxes, is a sense that I am damn fortunate. I am really, really fortunate to be in a position where these are my concerns.

Things could be so much worse!


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