“I’m not discussing it ALONE!”

(Son enters room, MegaBlock piece in hand)

Son: You know, this MegaBlock pile of coins looks more like a pile of poo.

(J and I look)

Me: Okay.

J: It does. Huh.

(Son exits)

J: It reminds me of that leprechaun cake we saw at the bakery, the one with the piles of poo.

Me: Yeah, it does! What were those supposed to be, anyway?

J: Piles of coins, I think.

Me: Then why were they dark brown?

J: They weren’t. They were a dark gold color.

Me: See? You’ve talked about the leprechaun poo so much that, in my head, it’s dark brown.

J: No, it was gold spilling out of the pots of gold, not piles of poo.

Me: Why are we even discussing this?

J: Well, I’m not discussing it alone!


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