Give him the legacy he deserves: Fred Phelps is dead

As you may have heard, Fred Phelps died yesterday.

I won’t link to anything relating to him and what he called his congregation. You can Google him yourself.

He was probably a deeply ill man.

He was evil, in that he deliberately cultivated fear and hatred and bigotry. He delighted in the pain and suffering of others.

I’d like to give him the legacy he deserves.

To that end, I encourage all of you reading this to find a GLBT-friendly charity and give them what you can. Five dollars, ten, whatever. And dedicate it to the memory of Fred Phelps.

(Many thanks to Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction, who gave matching funds from their We Love Fine t-shirts sales yesterday to The Trevor Project and Futures Without Violence. They gave me the idea. It’s a good idea.)

I gave a few bucks to Amaze, a local charity that teaches diversity and the prevention of bullying to children. “In memory of Fred Phelps, that we have no more like him,” is what I believe I said in the dedication.

Better than protests. Better than vitriol.

Let’s make the world he was so afraid of.

Let’s make the world the better place we all want to live in.


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