Apex Magazine: Operation Fourth Story

Apex Magazine wants to add a fourth original short story to the magazine each month. To pay for this, we are hoping for 250 new subscribers to the magazine.

Over the next two weeks (April 3rd to April 17th) we’re going to be showcasing Apex Magazine – and short fiction in general – here on the Apex blog and across the web. Every day we’ll have guest posts from authors, editors, and bloggers about the importance of short fiction. Several bloggers will be reviewing issues of Apex Magazine, and there will be guest posts and interviews with the Apex Magazine crew popping up everywhere.

Our goal is to get 250 new subscribers. If we meet this goal, then we’ll have the revenue to add a fourth piece of original short fiction to every issue. That means more stories from the authors we love, more new talent being found amid the slush piles. It means Apex Magazine will bigger and better than ever.

Go, look at the blog!

Subscribers get their choice of free ebooks from Apex Magazine. In addition, we are giving away a Kindle Paperwhite. The blog post details the many ways you can support and subscribe to Apex, including Weightless Books, Kindle, and Patreon, to name a few.

Check it out. Apex is going strong, and we hope to make it stronger. We’d like your help to do that.

Thank you.


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