Operation Fourth Story

Apex Magazine wants YOU to subscribe!

We at Apex Magazine (you did know I’m the editor-in-chief of Apex, right?) are doing a subscriber drive for the next two weeks. We’re calling it Operation Fourth Story. We hope that enough of you subscribe that we might sustain a fourth piece of original fiction in each issue.

Apex Magazine is a semiprozine, according to SFWA. We PAY our writers and artists. We pay SFWA-qualifying rates. A few of us involved in the production of the magazine get paid. But the vast majority of those who make Apex? Are not paid for their work. They volunteer because they believe in the importance of magazines like Apex. They volunteer to be a part of this Hugo-Award-nominated magazine. They volunteer for the love of the work.

The finances involved in Apex, or any similar semipro magazine, are tight. We want, VERY much, to give you more content. More stories, more interviews, more poetry. But to do that, we need the income with which to pay our contributors.

I want to give you more stories each month. You should see the stuff I have waiting! But I cannot, nor do I want to, publish without paying.

Help pay these amazing writers. Help us get more fantastic short fiction out into the world. Subscribe to Apex Magazine.

Thank you.


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