Lion in Winter, or Pretty Little Liars?

Yesterday I told my daughter that she could watch the movie A Lion in Winter (Peter O’Toole, Katherine Hepburn, etc.) for school.

Fifteen minutes in I paused the film to make sure she was following the plot.

“Okay, so, Alais? Was engaged to Henry the Young King, but was having an affair with his father, Henry II. So then the Young King died, and Alais is still sleeping with her dead fiance’s father. So now Henry II wants her to marry his other son, John. And Alais’s brother, Philip, may or may not be in love with the OTHER son, Richard. Oh, and their mother Eleanor has been let out of jail just for Christmas. Henry put her in jail because she was inciting a rebellion against him. Oh, and she raised Alais as a child.”

J walked by. “What are you telling her? It sounds like an episode of Pretty Little Liars.”

I thought for less than a second.

“Yes,” I said, nodding. “Yes it does. European royal history is a LOT like a plot from Pretty Little Liars.”


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