Fleetwood Mac? Huh.

It’s the fault of American Horror Story: Coven that I bought The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac.

I’ve never listened to much Fleetwood Mac, or so I thought. As it happens, I have heard it all the time, all my life, because their songs are culturally endemic. Not as infectious as The Beatles, but still endemic.

So I’m listening to the album, and enjoying it, and looking to see what the NAME of [song I have heard my whole life and never knew the name of or who sang it] is, when this greatest hits album reaches “Little Lies.”

And I burst out laughing.

Because OH MY GOD what a dated, 1980s-laden song that is.

I mean. Just. I don’t even.

LOOK at this:



Turns out I know and like a lot of Fleetwood Mac songs. Who knew?


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